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About us

John Pronk Transport BV is a company with a history now spanning 25 years and our customer base covers a wide range of products from bread, flowers, plants and fruit & vegetables. 
In serving our customers, John Pronk focuses on creating the right conditions to suit each individual business. Of course, we do collect and deliver product so that it travels from A to B efficiently and cost-effectively, but what makes us truly different is our team of employees who work with 100% effort to make sure the customer is happy. Our specialisation is the transportation of fresh products such as bread & banquet, vegetables & fruit and flowers and plants.

The complete vehicle fleet is focused on conditioned transportation: heating, cooling and freezing. We have daily vehicles leaving from our locations in Avenhorn and Aalsmeer to destinations throughout the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and the United Kingdom, which is our biggest market. Our vehicle fleet also complies to the emission standards, ‘Euro 5’. 
In the last couple of years we have been specialising on transporting consignments, flowers & plants and vegetables & fruit to the whole United Kingdom. These transportations are managed from Aalsmeer.